Goodbye Ordinary


If you're new to my letter series, you should know in recent weeks I've offered some inspirational tips and self-help examples - heavy on the feel-good, light on the substance, and a bit of a deviation from the purpose of these letters. I have to admit: I strayed too far into that space.

We shared some super-meaningful moments, though, didn't we? I need motivational speeches as much as anyone, and I was drawn into the allure of crafting similar inspirational quotes and memes which surround us in our visual world. As my father would say - stick to the program, Kev.

Given the season, I'll step out into the desert.


Going forward for the next 6 weeks, I'll post a daily design concept. Not to worry - you won't be bothered with daily notices. If you'll permit me, I'll still share progress weekly throughout this series. Who knows where it might lead us.

You can check the progress here:

We have to go to uncommon places, meet extraordinary people, and rework stalled process.

There I go again - more cat posters.

Kevin McCarron